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FpvBuddy helps you to connect with fpv buddies in your area, discover the coolest spots where to fly your drone and organize epic events.

Never fly alone again.

FpvBuddy helps you finding buddies to go fly with through the use of notifications: once a new pilot is close to your base location, you will be notified. It let you find, review or add new spots to discover the best locations where to fly your drone. Moreover, it let you organize epic events in a few clicks or socialize directly via the integrated chat.

New rules since 01/01/2021

Since 01/01/2021 the EASA has officially recognized the use of drones in FPV mode as long as an "observer" has visual line of sight on the drone while you (the operator) fly fpv.*  See: EASA FAQ.  In USA, the FAA states a very similar fact in ART 107.31 and ART 107.33

FpvBuddy helps you finding a drone buddy, every time you go out flying.

Coded by drone pilots, for drone pilots

We gained insights and feebacks from dozens of fpv pilots from all over the world and implemented the most suited features for FPV drone pilots. Either you are a Sunday pilot or a professional, you will find useful options for you.

*= nb. having a spotter is not the only requirement. Check the link HERE for more details from the EASA website.


Features present in the beta version:


Create, Edit, Bookmark and rate your favorite spots. Discover the best locations where to fly fpv all over the world.



Integrated chat to organize at best the next ripping session with your buddies.


3D Satellite Map

3D Satellite map to inspect the terrain and prepare at best for your long range sessions.



Organize races, workshops, freestyle sessions or recovery missions in a bunch of clicks.

And a lot more to come

We keep on researching and developing new innovative features, among which:

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Long Range planner
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CTR / No fly zones
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Offline mode
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